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Top 3 Workouts for Explosive Strength for BJJ Grapplers

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is known to be one of the most complex and intense martial arts. Most people claim that BJJ is no longer just a combat style, it is a lifestyle. If we look at the impact of BJJ on our body, we will see that it is an intense full-body workout that engages all muscles, and to adjust according to the given requirement you need to have a lot of energy and you also need to get ready to burn some extra calories. As you will start your BJJ journey you will see that within the first three months you will burn a lot of calories, your body will be in shape and you will shed all the extra fats as well. To make sure you continue your BJJ journey with the same energy, you need to start by strengthening your body.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about some simple workouts that can help you strengthen your body so you can carry on your BJJ practice without straining your body and draining the energy overall.

What Is Explosive Strength And How You Can Improve It?

Most people think that explosive strength is the endurance-based strength that allows you to work for longer. However, in the case of BJJ explosive strength is completely different. Since you need to work on the grappling, firm grip, and ensuring that you are going to tug someone closer. You need to be in a very good state to ensure a supple, agile, and robust movement. Shifting from one posture to another and ensuring that you are not overworking your muscles is very important. This is where explosive strength comes in and allows you to handle your body movement in a good way. You can improve your explosive strength by practicing every day and making sure that you are not just working on the technique of BJJ but also on the overall strength and the way your body works.

Top 3 Workouts for Explosive Strength

Soft Ball Russian Twist

This is the easiest workout and you can do it with or without the softball. You have to stay in the crunch position with your knee bent and slightly raised from the ground. The main focus will be on the core. Now you can move from side to side and make sure that you are not straining your core muscles. The movement will be better if you grip the ball with both hands.

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