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Luminara problem fixed! – Blogs & Forums

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I have several of the Luminara candlesticks for my windows. After seeming fine (just past the 30 days of course) they started to act up: the ‘flame’ would not flicker or move. It was if it was stuck.

I tried new batteries, thumping the flame gently, moving to a different site, checking with a leveler to be sure the surface was indeed level. Nothing seemed to work. I was resigned to tossing or just living with them not flickering.

I did notice when I tilted them or picked them up, the flame again flickered wildly as it was supposed to. Gave me the idea to shim the bottoms, so I put a dime under the front middle of the base and darn if that didn’t work. They all started flickering like mad.

Again, the surfaces the candles were on registered as level. I can’t explain why the shims made them work, but if it helps just one person not toss these fabulous candles, I will be happy indeed.

I’ve had no problems with the pillars except for one of the new ones having a defect that it wouldn’t work with the remote, so it’s being exchanged. No problem with the flickering on the pillars. I dearly love these candles (even if I might have to buy stock in Duracells!) and I particularly like the new remote ones esp this time of the year when it’s lighter longer and a 5 hour timer is too long to run them.

Very happy I didn’t toss my candlesticks as I almost did!

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