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An introduction to Marathon Watches + a chance to win one of their signature timepieces

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Marathon watches

The Marathon Watch Company was founded in Canada in 1939. Surprisingly though and given that long history of watchmaking, the brand is still fairly unknown to most. That’s because they don’t actively advertise and their focus has been on producing timepieces for the Canadian, British, and American militaries.

These watches have been designed to work. To get the job done and to offer complete reliability. Given their long history serving the forces, you can guarantee that precision and durability are the very cornerstones of every watch that Marathon builds. To ensure such they craft every watch in their collection in their own factory in Switzerland, using the toughest 316L stainless steel and sapphire crystal.

If these timepieces can assist in battlefield search and rescue, navigation, and aerial operations, then there is no question that they’re ready to handle anything that the everyday man encounters with ease!

There are 3 key styles of watches in the Marathon stable. The SAR (search and rescue) in 3 sizes General-Purpose entry models, and the Navigator Series.  

Across the various styles, the watches come in both quartz and automatic versions, multiple dial variations and in three sizes from 34mm to 46mm.

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